Anniversary Gifting


Anniversaries mark wonderful milestones in a couple’s wedded life. They replicate a lifelong commitment to someone so integral in one’s life. Flowers make excellent gift ideas for anniversaries. They are available in many options and in various price ranges to easily fit into your budget. Wedding anniversaries hold different kinds of importance to different kinds of people for celebration mode. Everyone wants to surprise the people they care about with gifts. For me, flower delivery is the perfect way to do that. The florists give best with flowers for holiday, anniversaries, especially roses. Flowers are a great gift to give as traditional anniversary gifts for every year. As a matter of fact, the anniversary gift is flowers are default gift in ancient days. They are readily available and always seem to brighten or liven up the room. The flower to give each year ranges from the very common daisy to the more exotic bird of paradise. Here is a list of the traditional flowers by anniversary, 1st carnation, 2nd lily of the valley, 3rd sunflower, 4th hydrangea, 5th daisy, 6th call, 7th freesia,8th lilac,9th bird of paradise,10th daffodil,11th tulip,12th peony,13th chrysanthemum, 14th dahlia, 15th rose, 20th aster, 25th iris, 28th orchid, 30th lily, 40th gladiolus,50th yellow roses and violets.